Rapid Tax Service, LLC.Your International Connection

As we continue to move towards an International Economy, the challenges to CEO's, HR Strategists, and Tax Professionals become even more complex. And, for the thousands of U.S. companies whose earnings are comprised significantly from international operations, transparency, accountability and compliance, more difficult to attain.

When it comes to employer sponsored retirement plans, Qualified vs Nonqualified, Defined Benefits vs Defined Contribution, are complex enough when dealing with the domestic beneficiary. When you bring the internationals into the mix, you have those with U.S. Source Income, those with outside of the U.S. Source Income, and those with both circumstances. Given the fact tax processing systems have not been able to keep up with changes in tax rules and regulations, there's bound to be long rooted problems.

Rapid Tax Service, LLC, A Limited Liability Company duly organized under the laws of the State of South Carolina on October 16th, 2000 is the only Independent Practice, and highly specialized to resolve those international challenges, representing the taxpayer consumer. We specialize in areas including, but not limited to:

  • U.S. Citizens and Residents with foreign source income, whether from a Treaty Country, Totalization Country, or not.
  • Non-residents with U.S. Source Income, Foreign Source Income or both sources.
  • Foreign recipients of Pension Distributions from U.S. Pension Plans, whether the benefits are classified as U.S Sourced or Foreign Sourced.
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