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  The back yard at One Windsor Cove was the perfect setting for international educators, professionals, and friends of Rapid Tax Service LLC to meet on Saturday, May 21 in a warm event in which this great family enjoyed games of knowledge, entertainment, and a Hispanic meal prepared by them.

The event started when a US AIR Force F-16 flew over, followed by the majestic interpretation of the national anthem of the United States by Distinguished and Emeritus Professor of the school of music of the University of South Carolina, Dr. Richard Conant (Doc), as well as the words of Ramon Mejia Jr, event host who said:

“We should pay tribute to this great country that offers opportunities for everyone”. 

A great show was presented by the Spanish chef Miguel (Hugo) Lada when he prepared for all, a big, colorful and delicious valenciana paella that everyone wanted to taste

Ramon Mejía (Ray) as we affectionately know him thanked everyone for their participation and recognized Mr. Héctor Pineda who offered the friendly reception facilities, providing a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere.

Another important moment was when everyone came to participate in the games and between jokes and smiles practiced their knowledge of geography, technology, and general culture.

And we did not miss the international Ceviche prepared by Ruth Craft from Peru, Victor Trujillo from Ecuador and as a great teacher not just in the kitchen, the colombian Henry Mejia’s final touch reminded us that the work and united effort can result in a successful and delicious creation.

That was the idea that gave birth to these meetings in the year two thousand fourteen, at that time named "EL Primer".

Last Saturday, thanks to the cooperation, participation, talent and enthusiasm of clients, family and friends of Rapid Tax, we all enjoyed…

“An International Ceviche Affair”

Written by: Julibey Bello.

Photograph by: Janet Forktus.

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